Friday, November 20, 2009

New Threads Friday

It is that time of year when you find yourself wanting to spruce things up. This can be especially true for your wardrobe. This must be done on the cheap and easy. Onto the thrift store... Low and behold there was a buy one get one free sale at the THRIFT STORE! Found a sweater that was so soft and the color was great. It was on the large side, and it needed a little something. After much thinking and pondering and thinking of what to do the idea hit me..Keep is simple, right??!! So I sewing the sides in for some shaping and cut off the bottom. Then sewed a line around the bottom edge so the sweater won't ravel. That would be bad. I then put on a small bird applique.Hurray for using scrap fabric!
I am NOT very good at the applique thing, but I guess you must practice in order to get better.
The best part is now I have a new sweater and it cost NOTHING. Love that. Very quick little project. Next time I don't think I will be so scared to cut up clothing. It also makes you look at your closet in a new way. You might stop and rethink an old piece of clothing before tossing it out because you never know.

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