Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Unintentional Timing

Winter is looming on the horizon (although it has be BEAUTIFUL here for a Michigan November) and the idea of some fun and fast mittens has been on my mind. While perusing Ravelry I came across the pattern called Bella's Mittens. Yes, there designed to be like Bella's mittens from the movie Twilight.
It was not my intention to have these coincide with the up coming movie New Moon. (to be very frank I have not seen Twilight, I know I am the last female on the planet to have NOT seen it) I really just thought they looked like a fun (you gotta love a cable) and fast (bulky yarn) project that would do a great job keeping your hand toasty warm this winter. Maybe I will have check out Twilight and see these mittens in action. Of course I have to finish my pair and then maybe intentionally wear them out now that the New Moon is coming to theater near you.

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