Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let's Hear It For The Boy(s)

While getting up to par in Twitter world (yes, I know, but I have to stay in touch with all these crafty things somehow!) I was so excited to check out the MADE blog.  For the entire month of February they are rocking all things for boys!  As a mom of 2 young lads, (no girls) I am so excited.  I miss out on making pillow case dresses, tutu's,  headbands, hair clips, leggings, and all kinds of stuff.  It has only been two days and I love what they have! Rae has a great idea of making a button down shirt for boys from a man's shirt!! Love the whole recycle thing! So check it out and be inspired!

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Sally said...

There have been some pretty exciting ideas posted so far and it is only early days!
... my list of things to make this year is growing at a rapid rate. With so much inspiration around I might have to start the list for 2011!