Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Knits and Knits

Happy February!!

January was a very full month.  February is looking to be the same, minus the home paint project.  For this months sewing project we have to use knit fabric.  I have a few ideas and patterns already in my stash.  I am in the hunt for some fun material.  Lots of ideas floating in my head. Some new p.j.'s? A nice summer shirt or tank??  I will continue to research and ponder this for a couple of days and then hopefully begin soon! 

I am also ready to finish a knitting project that has been put on hold due to all this sewing and painting.  I have some yarn from Yarn Hollow (who happens to live in the same town!) which is so very soft and pretty.  To show off those colors I have been using the fun pattern toasty.  The goal is to have that done in the next week or so.  The cold Michigan weather is very motiving.

So, here is to a new month, new crafty adventures, and fun experiences!

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