Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Break.....

 Running in the sprinkler, eating icy pops, tank tops, sunny lazy days.  This is NOT summer, this has been our APRIL weather for last couple of days!! We are kicking off spring break here and it is in the low 80's. A bit unusual for Michigan I would say.  We are trying to take full advantage.  Yesterday we had a picnic in the backyard which has once again inspired me to make this quilt. Over at Sew Mama Sew you can find instructions for this simple picnic blanket with rock pockets.
 We are also working on a project that comes from the always entertaining blog, MADE . We are working on the peeps project for Easter.  My mom has a tree (well actually it is a rather large branch) that she decorates with the holidays.  So the boys have chosen to help decorate this years celebration with the bunnies. 
Our future bunnies are awaiting the finishing touches!  So far no pink, but maybe mom will step in and make her own pink peep bunnies. 

And finally, we cannon enjoy the warm weather without a little hooping in the yard.  The oldest is getting MUCH better and enjoys hooping more this year.  Had a little re-tape party with the boys. Finished one hoop and then took it out for a test drive. 
Here is to more fun in the sun while it lasts.  I hear that it won't.  In the meantime, we will enjoy the sun, sip refreshing beverages, eat from the grill, and enjoy!

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