Monday, March 29, 2010

Much Goings Ons.....

  The house has had a busy buzz feeling these last few days.  The weather is getting warmer (maybe 70's this week!!) and spring has sprung. One thing we like to stop and enjoy with the kids is on Sunday night watching the new series, LIFE on Discovery.  The show brings back memories of my childgood.  My sister and I would watch the animals on Discovery or Wild Kingdom. Then we go off into our imaginary worlds and play "animals".  We were snakes, lions, polar bears, pandas, sharks.  Silly, but fun. Of course our shows never looked as beautiful.  The images for LIFE are truly amazing and almost the entire time, I ask "How did they film that?!"
  It was so great to watch the boys enjoy some of the same experiences.  They thought the Venus Fly Trap was cool.  Then one of the boys (or one of us parents) would become the fly trap and the boy(s) would be the fly.  We would have to catch them and hold them.  These fly's usually would escape.  Last night my oldest said something that is always wonderful for a parent to hear.  We asked the boys if a certain scene was to scary or intense (Hyenas Vs. Lions), and my oldest says "No mom, I want to learn something new".  Awesome!!!

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