Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Boys Of Summer

   This past weekend  was very busy with a big family wedding.  I am so sad at the lack of picture taking on my part.  We were so busy with both J. and myself being in the wedding. On the day of the ceremony I did manage to grab a picture of the boys.  Everyone had a fun weekend, but we were exhausted on the final day.

Now that we are back home, things are coming together.  It is a slow process, but getting back to cooking and off the road food has been a great start. For lunch yesterday I had tomatoes and basil from the garden. There was real mozzarella cheese in the fridge to add, YEAH!!  Simple and so very satisfying.



Anna said...

Rory is looking so much older! I guess I need to see the boys more often. The food looks yummy!

stephanie.baker said...

Oh my gosh sister-o-mine! I was just catching up on your blog. I was totally into Caprese salad this year. I had a small pot of basil that went nuts. I was so into the "Italian Flag" salad that I made sure there would be enough room in the car to bring it to Maine. How could I go two whole weeks without my summer fav??? I think I would have left behind a suitcase if necessary. Anna's right...they boys look older. Love you bunches!