Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Time Out!

 I am shaking things up in a personal way this summer.  In a good way (I think).  Life has been moving at the speed of light and things are always on fast forward.  In order to take some time out for myself and really grow a little I have joined a meditation group.  This is a little out of my box, which is great.  I am trying to make a more conscience effort to try new things even if it scares me a little.

The idea of mediation has always appealed to me.  But who has the time??!!!  Ha Ha.  I am making time starting out once a week.   Of course I needed (and still do) some instruction. So I went to class and became the newbie. I learned that this is indeed a practice.  It is ongoing, but hey isn't that what self discovery is all about?  I love the people in the group. They come from all walks of life, all ages, all different religious backgrounds.  As a newbie I am just happy to sit and practice. To learn what is truly important and what is not, what drains us vs. what nourishes us.  Ahhhh simplicity.

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