Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cute As A Button - A Tutorial

 Over the weekend we headed out the local artisans market.   In between all the eye candy and a purchase or two I saw an artist who was doing the cutest things with buttons.  Her rings were adorable, I thought maybe I could try making something similar at home.  Off to grandma's button box I went and came up with my button ring tutorial. This is my first tutorial, so if things are unclear or don't make sense I apologize!!!

 Items Needed:
1/4" elastic (color your choice) - this is the band of the ring.
Buttons of your choice
Favorite craft adhesive (I used good ol' crazy glue)

Button Ring tutorial

Next measure the elastic around the finger of your choosing.  Allow for a little extra as you will be gluing the ends to the button.  When you think you have the right fit, cut.  Of course if you know your ring measurements, that is always helpful!

Button Ring Tutorial

Now the fun part!! Play with your buttons and see what ring you can come up with.  I think it is fun to stack them, but you have a really funky or brilliant button that stands out on its own, show it off!!

Button Ring Tutorial
*if you are stacking your buttons please glue these first.  When dry, start to glue the elastic.
Apply glue to one end of elastic and stick to bottom button.  Allow to dry or get to a point where it won't move around much.  Then bring the other end around to form the band and glue on the opposite side.

Button Ring Tutorial

This is the hard part. LET IT DRY.  I know it is sitting there looking cute and finished.  The urge to try it on, "just to see" is strong.  You must resist.  


When the glue is dry you can FINALLY rock your new ring. HURRAY!!

Button Ring Tutorial

Have fun and if you make one, I would LOVE to see it!


Anna said...

Very cute, and perfect for Joely who is bagging for a ring of her own. Now to find some bling buttons!

Juan Bernal said...

hey, I really like all of these things that you create! I would like it if you visited and followed my blg as I will be posting many of my scrapbook creations next week!