Monday, August 9, 2010

Hooked On The Laundry Line

laundry line
We are now living life on the line.  The laundry line that is.  I went looking all over for a retractable laundry line and could not find one. I was starting to get a bit frustrated at not being able to find something so simple.  Once again my mom came through and happened to find one at her local hardware store.  Hubby J. helped me to get it up and running.  We are now enjoying our sheets being line dried in the sunshine.  LOVE IT! Hoping that it gives the kids a great sensory memory.  That wonderful smell of clean sheets on the line.
Of course one is not limited to sheets. 

on the line
So far I have had shirts, skirts, and a favorite tablecloths! I also cannot get over how quickly things dry in the sun.  It is amazing. 

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