Wednesday, September 29, 2010

  Apparently I have long neglected my little blog.  This month has been a busy one.  Fall is a time of year that always brings about a sense of change.  I use this time to take stock in life and check in with myself.   I have started back up with yoga and I missed it so! My back is especially thankful for those nice deep stretches. The boys even join in for a moment or two.  Mom makes a great jungle gym when she is in downward facing dog LOL! 

I am in these blogs.Already Pretty and Fashion For Nerds. I love their sense of style and ideas that they offer.  A mom wardrobe is a very tough thing.  We feel like we must sacrifice style for comfort.  There is no time to shop for ourselves. Trying things on? Are you crazy? Who has time for that.  Well, I am going to try and make time! As the kiddos get older and more independent, I am slowly learning that it is okay to take some time for yourself.  I love a challenge of doing it on a TIGHT budget.  Thrift stores, you are my friend!

I am also working on some craft projects.  The goal right now is to get through the stash of fabric and yarn.  I have found this to be a very fun challenge.  A couple of Christmas items are finished and that is fantastic! Will have a new post all about those projects! Hopefully soon.  I am excited that I found some great fabric that make a nice fall/winter skirt.  Again going back to getting out of the wardrobe rut.  Fall and winter are always challenges for me in the clothing department.  Summer is so much easier to sew those cute skirts and dresses.  LOL!

I am looking forward to getting back on blog track!

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joeyandaleethea said...

I simply ADORE Autumn. That is such a beautiful photo of the leaves. Hope all is well with you and yours!