Sunday, October 24, 2010

Feeding The Soul

 We have been taking advantage of this season to be out enjoying the city.  One of my favorite events was checking out Art Prize.  It was amazing! Our day started with  brunch at our favorite breakfast place, Wolfgangs.  After a hearty meal, we trucked all over the city checking out art in all it's wonderful forms.  The kids liked all the interactive pieces including the pianos placed at random spots.  We came across a fellow treating everyone to a great rendition of Imagine.
art prize

random acts of music

art prize
I would could fill this with pictures of the art, but best to go and check out the link.  It gives you a much better idea on this event and some insight to the artists.

On a completely different note, I have been up to some crafting lately.  My fingerless mitts are done and I am halfway finished with another pair! As the season takes a turn to the sun setting earlier and the days get colder I have a feeling this blog will become more active.  In the meantime thanks for your patience while I took a little break and enjoyed! 

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