Friday, December 17, 2010

Saaaay "Cheese"

 Lately nothing has beat the convenience of soup.  There are always leftovers to freeze and let's face it, "soup is good food".  I have been experimenting with vegan friendly options on certain foods we love around here.  How does one make vegan cheese broccoli soup?  The solution for this comes from a friend and wonderful cook in her own right.  The recipe she gave me can be found here, cheesy broccoli soup.

vegan cheese broccoli soup
  Who knew that cashews and nutritional yeast would make such an awesome combo?! I substituted red pepper for pimento (that was what was in the house).  Otherwise I followed the rest of the recipe as written.  The hubby enjoyed it also.  I was very happily surprised at that. The kids were dipping there crunchy bread in their bowls and actually enjoying the cheese flavor.  The best part is, the leftovers are just as tasty.  You don't feel so heavy after a bowl (so one more was had by us!) I would say this was a success around here! I will be keeping this one in my cold weather rotation!

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