Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Round Here

  Spring is knocking quietly at our back door.  While we continue to battle snowfall and cold temps, March is less that 1 week away! This is the time of year when spring cleaning starts to set in.  Like many people who are home/apartment dwellers, the issue of storage comes up.  In an attempt to create storage and make our front room more livable, I have undertaken a new project.  Friends and family are helping to upcycle some old cabinets and fashion a new desk.  The walls have been freshly painted and now we begin phase 1 of operation storage.  Cleaning and scrubbing out the old cabinets (rescued from the local habitat restore). Tomorrow we begin phase 2, sanding!

front room

 I cannot wait to get started painting, but all that prep work is going to be totally worth it! So, time to get a move on........

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