Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Buckwheat?

Oh yes they are!  For a few months I have been waking up with neck pain.  Sometimes it was so bad, I would find myself with a pack of frozen peas on the neck.  My mom suggested a new pillow, a buckwheat pillow.  Well, what the heck? I would try anything at this point. So, I ordered one up from here... and after a night or two of sleeping on this unusual pillow, I feel better! I don't wake up with pain anymore.  I am so happy.

new pillow

The crafty gal in my could not resist making a new pillowcase for this amazing piece of sleepy goodness.  It truly deserved some LOVE.  Amy Butler LOVE that is.  So now every night I get to rest my head on something pretty and comfortable.  Hurray for new pillows and pretty fabric!

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