Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Here Comes The Refashion

Last year I typed up a post on a bridesmaid dress that needed a little attention. Well, like any super fancy dress it was domed to sit in bridesmaid dress hell unless............

  As I looked at the lovely print and felt the soft material, visions of a swingy summer skirt came to mind.  So with a pair of sissors and some elastic I set out to refashion this dress.  It will not sit in closet for years collecting dust or end up at the Goodwill donation store.  No no, I have plans for you dear dress.  After much cutting, sewing and measuring we had victory!

  A summer skirt that works! (I have yet to find a top I love with the skirt, but hey it is still very much spring around here.)  Love it! I have a feeling that this skirt is going to get lots of wear.  I love its movement and the big print is perfect for the warmer months.  Hurray for new life breathed into an old dress.

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