Thursday, November 15, 2007

Putting the FUN back in Functional!

So our new DoodleScarfs are done and we are super excited about them!! We concentrated on the guys this time. We had fun picking out flannel for these scarfs! I think Carter make a great model. Whatta think? America's Next Top Male Model???!!!
So, as you can see from Anna's last post she is ONE busy lady. We do have a very cute, very pink scarf on the way. She is swimming in hat world. I need to be cranking out some diaper cloths, but instead I am on the computer doing the promoting thing. Just needed to break and blog. UMMM a little B&B. Sip some nice hot apple cider on a chilly fall day! Yeeaaa, I'm procrastinating. Also I have family coming in this weekend, so it is time to whip the house into shape. Our laundry is of monumental proportions! (how did that happen??)
(pause) I think I just talked myself into getting some stuff done around here! Off I go.....................

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Cathy said...

love the name of your store - your doodle scarves look great - and your little model looks like a total professional! how cute!