Friday, January 18, 2008

The Slump is Over!

I have been avoiding knitting this hat for so long. I love Puffin "yarn" but this one kept knitting the wrong way and it was so frustrating that I kept on frogging it and redoing it - which never helped. So now I am excited to say it is done and ready to give away! I have so many friends having baby girls.

Tonight I get to start a new hat for the Etsy shop! We've busy knitting baby hats for the shop, so this one will be child sized. Blues and brown stripes. Because the yarn is a fabulous cashmere blend it more winter weight, but the colors will lend themselves to spring too. It's been fun seeing the new colors for spring. Bright fun colors for kids and nautical colors too. Could spring really be around the corner? Here in Michigan, we don't hold our breath. At least when I knit I can imagine sunny days are here in Michigan!

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