Wednesday, April 9, 2008

April Is One Jumpin' Month!!

This is a very busy month for our little family and for Anna and Myself in the Doodlesprouts world! On a personal note my hubby has a birthday!! He never thinks it is a big deal, but you just gotta celebrate the day the love of your life came into the world!!

Also in April my brother in law and his very significant other will be graduating from college!! The whole family is getting together to celebrate!! It is an exciting time in their lives and I think they have a very happy future on the horizon. Congrats to Adam and Nicole!!! I hope the future is so bright they gotta wear shades!
For Anna and I we are busy with yarn and fabrics! We have been coming out with our mini sets for the store and there are new hats on the way as well!!We are very excited for this month! It has been so fun working with all the bright colors and light textures!!! The two hats above have been made with corn fiber. It is very similar to cotton in that it has a nice light, breathable feel to it. A fun alternative to the everyday!!

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