Sunday, March 1, 2009

Oyi! I have finally recovered this weekend from ANOTHER day of feeling yucky! Down with a fever this time. This winter has really been a tough one around here. Before going down with the sickies I managed to get the new food dehydrator up and running. LOVE it. I did some testing with a strawberry fruit roll up and some dried root veggies. I cannot wait until the farmer's market this year. I promise to have some pics up soon.

I also did get some sewing done for spring as well. My Barcelona skirt is almost done! I am taking the advice from whispering pine and NOT hemming the bottom of the skirt. I like the idea of the frayed hem matching the rest of the frayed lines that happen with the skirt. It is my first time with a zipper and my first time with a lined skirt. I really am super happy with how it turned out. I also have my 5 minute skirt done! With the weather still very chilly there are no good finished photos, but here is one that I do have. Not the best I know, but you get an idea for the fabric and the easy F.O.E waistband. Still on the To Do list are a couple of shirts and a linen skirt. Then it is time to shop for some cute t-shirts to wear with all these fun new pieces.

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