Friday, October 16, 2009

Take Time To Breath

I am trying to keep the spirit of seeing live music with me after the great Rothbury experience. Tomorrow night after a hard day of work I am headed out (with friends) to see Michael Glabicki at a local pub. YEAH!! He is minus the rest of Rusted Root, but that is okay. There is something great about a more intimate setting sometimes. Yes, I am so a GenX child. I am okay with that. I am happy so far to have seen the AMAZING Ragbirds and the entire Rusted Root clan already this fall. The next music attempt is (along with Ms. Carrie) the ever amazing Pete Yorn later this month. You take what you can get when you live on the non Detroit side of Michigan. I love having live music back in my life after a little hiatus of raising 2 small boys. I don't get out to often, but when those moments do arrive, they are so special and precious. Why not fill your soul with some music and friends that you love??

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