Monday, May 3, 2010

The Freezer Paper Experiement

 Over at Cheri's blog, she has lots of fun and crafty ideas.  One of her most popular crafts is to use freezer paper and stencil on a cool design to a kids shirt or pants.  Her projects always look so cool and modern.  I thought why not give it a whirl with my own boys and see how it goes.....

 The actual project is pretty easy!  (tutorial here)  I think I might need to use a different brush to get a more solid look, but overall I think the shirt turned out pretty cute.
Of course getting your 3 yr. old to stay still for a picture is something else of a challenge!  The shirt was pretty simple, maybe next time we could add some embellishments or words.  If you want to be inspired check out the flickr group!!  Seriously puts mine to shame, but hoping with more practice they start to look better and better!

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